Jacqueline Buckingham is a former New York City socialite, actress, and fashion rebel turned global adventurer, self-help author and alpha-female who literally traded her high heels for hiking boots. 


Choosing experience over extravagance, she leveraged a closet full of designer shoes, bags, and gowns to fund a yearlong global school expedition with her daughter to embark on a new way of life. With the curriculum she wrote, Jacqueline set out to teach her daughter how to be a brave woman in the world by exemplifying one herself.


Starting over after 21 years of marriage and determined to be a strong role model as a single mother, Jacqueline realized she would need a new title since for this new life she was creating since wife, mother, and the roles she played on tv and movies were defined by others. In a pivotal moment, she knew that changing her life started with changing her mindset and so she turned to her passion for brain science, lifestyle medicine, and positive psychology to create her new lease on life.


Ditching parties for neuroscience, the gym for the beach, and high society for her higher self, she began to document the processes she was creating, the practices she was doing, and philosophies she was living by that were enabling her to face her fears, take on new challenges, and reclaim her own identity.


Writing for 5 yeas culminated in books screenplays, a tv sketch series, and a self-empowerment guide. Designed to be dynamic and updated quarterly, she credits this guide as the ultimate tool for making over her own mindset.

Now in its 4th year of being proven to bring clarity and courage to life, the Mindset Makeover Manual is the masterclass material for the a Mindset Makeover Semi-Annual Retreat she is now leading.


In addition to leading the retreat, Jacqueline is kicking off a new podcast on Mother’s Day, and launching a new product line to  inspire a positive mindset and empowering new identity. 


Now settled in a her new life, she is honored to empower others to BE BOLD, LIVE LARGE + TAKE REVOLUTIONARY RISKS.