Known for being an actress, fashion rebel and New York City socialite, I literally traded my high heels for hiking boots. 

Starting over after a 21 year marriage, I was creating a new life, and a new mindset to get there.

Trading extravagance for experience, I leveraged my closet full of designer shoes, bags, and gowns to fund a yearlong global school expedition with my daughter to embark on a new way of life. With the curriculum I wrote, I set out to teach my daughter how to be a brave woman in the world by exemplifying one myself.

I was determined to be a strong role model as a single mother, and I needed a new title. Wife, mother, and the roles I played on tv and movies were defined by others, not by me. I decided that creating a self-defined identity was the key to sustaining a new mindset. In addition to meditation and prayer, I also needed proof so I turned to my passion for brain science, lifestyle medicine, and positive psychology to fully build out this new lease on life.

I had my work cut out for me in dealing with the loss of my former family structure and determining a new place to call home so I ditched parties for neuroscience, the gym for the beach, and high society for my higher self, and began to document the processes I was creating, the practices I was doing, and philosophies I was living by that were enabling me to face my fears, take on new challenges, and reclaim my own identity. These processes, practices, and philosophies became my guide for life.


In my five years of writing, I wrote books, screenplays, a tv series on Amazon, but this guide was the real game-changer. Rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience, lifestyle medicine, and self-empowerment, it is designed to be dynamic and updated quarterly. I credit this guide as the ultimate tool for cultivating the courage to make over my mindset and my life.

Now in its 4th year of bringing clarity and courage to my life, I’m compelled to share it. It is the tool that turned my entire life around and gave me the strength to be bold enough to live the life of my dreams. The Massive Mindset Makeover is a training program and Semi-Annual Retreat for anyone who wants to change their life, and is willing to change their mindset!.